About Us

Hello – I have a passion. A couple of them actually. One is cooking and the other is writing. I love how I can be creative with different flavors and textures of food, and if I can also write about it? Yes, please!

My name is Debbie and I am the one who creates, or modifies the recipes on this site. The pictures are all my daughter, Monica. She’s the photographer in the family and in my opinion, very good.

I am a mother of almost-adult twins, or more accurately, advanced teenagers who I adore. They, as well as my co-workers, are my guinea pigs of all my recipes. I started cooking when I was around 14 from my very first cook book “Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Cookbook” – which I still have! I then learned more in-depth techniques from my mother. She was the best cook and baker who influenced much of my style. Then, there is the father of my children, who taught me so much more in ways of blending herbs and spices with various foods. I evolved into one of those cooks who doesn’t measure and just ‘knows’ how much to add to a dish.

I love talking about food and sharing information regarding dishes I’ve made or have come across. I hope you too, enjoy the recipes I’ve included.

~ Eat well.


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